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Clairvoyant, Certified Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker

A naturally gifted clairvoyant, I have been seeing spirits since I was three. Like most of us, I went through an extremely challenging period in my life. Stuck with four children, not knowing what to do, which way to go, I was completely lost. In my desperation, I started having readings with other mediums trying to find answers. Some of these readings did help me get my life back on track. This realisation inspired me to start helping others through the gift I naturally had.

In my readings I focus on four main areas of life i.e. love, career, finances and health. I believe that our future is in our own hand and it is determined by the choices we make in life. The aim of a reading is to provide us guidance to make the right choices. Along with clairvoyance, I also use Angel cards.

I am also a Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programme), Certified Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner, NLP Life Coach and have a Degree in Psychology.

I had a vision. A dream of inspiring others to believe in themselves and discover their true potential. I started motivational talks to enable people to break through their limitations and create the lives that they truly want and deserve. I have always believed that life is a journey, not a destiny.

This inspired me to become a motivational speaker. I have been successfully running inspirational workshops across the UK and internationally. These workshops can be any length from half a day to a full residential weekend. Some of these workshops were funded by the US AID and many other charities.

See Naz at work in the Caribbean, on television and presenting one of her Journey of the Soul workshops

Poonam Rai

Angel card reader, NLP Life Coach and Event Organiser

Ever since I was young, I have always been drawn to Angels and Spirituality. My interest in spirituality grew as I attended courses on positive manifestations and meditation circles where I learnt about chakra cleansing. I then started giving Angel readings in public.

I progressed to organising Healing and Journey of the Soul events, enriching the lives of many who benefitted from the positive energy created at these events.

I later embarked upon training in Aura photography which enabled me to read and understand people’s energies. This fascinating technology helps to heal any mental, physical and/or emotional issues people may have.

My life purpose involves helping and healing; working at Psychic Hands enables me to achieve this with love and light.

Valerie Delffori

Transform Healing Practitioner

Valerie is an international Healer and Psychic, who is also a teacher and published author/writer.

Through channelled information from her guides, she has developed her Transform Healing system. Transform Journey Healing is a process where the client deeply relaxes to a consciousness where they can access soul information. They take a ‘soul journey’ where they are able to view this information with the intention to transform and heal.

TJH is a transformative therapy, which deals with the aspects of our soul that are hidden and not accessible in the normal conscious state. Once accessed, the ‘soul wounds’ which are the powerful energy blocks that we can’t seem to break free from, are transformed and healed.

Afterwards, energy that holds these unconscious blockages in place, such as vows or contracts is released with the clients permission. These energies can be from past lives and other sources, and once released the client has a new ‘clear vision’, where they find it easy to move forward with a positive mind set.