Stillness through Meditation

De Vere Hotel, Horsley Park, Ockham Road South, East Horsley, Surrey KT24 6DT
Learn and experience different types of meditations to find out which one works for you (without spending money and time on individual courses). You will be experiencing Kundalini meditation, silent meditation, sound meditation, Qi Gong (Chi or Parana meditation),Vipassana meditation, Chakra meditation, Hara meditation and guided meditation. In addition, we will be discussing breathing techniques, meditation postures, what is meditation, types of meditations, what are chakras and how to cleanse, balance and energise them, focussing your mind techniques and Stellar Gate and Earth Star……..

Costs: £169 per person including workshop, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, 3 course dinner and unlimited refreshments.(members get 5% discount and pay £160)

Advance booking only - £100 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking

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Falling in love with myself

Devere Latimer Estate, Latimer, Chesham HP5 1UG
We will be discussing the meaning of self love, types of self love, barriers to self love and how to remove these barriers. Appreciating and honouring yourself, connecting to your higher self through self love, overcoming fears through self love to enhance your self esteem and self confidence.

Date: Saturday 22 July 2017

Time: 09:30 to 16:30 Cost: £65 including lunch and refreshments all day.

Followed by meditation: Finding the Divine through self love

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As usual, there will be comprehensive handouts for you to take away. Places are limited and allocated on first come first served basis.