My experience with psychic hands has been over a decade. I started with Naz ‘s readings and still go back to her after so many years.Her readings differ in that she says it how it is and one needs to be prepared to hear truths that surface. Apart from highlighting the real perpective she also has a unique ability to help assist with dealings from any negative situations that may be shown in a reading. Her knowledge wisdom and natural ability to counsel is truly an additional bonus.

Many a times Naz has freely offered more than above with no expectations but out of sheer generosity. If you get a chance do cross paths as her life story itself is inspirational…

– Anonymous

Have you ever walked through a park or through the woods and felt a sudden sense of peace, minimizing all your problems after a discouraging day? Or Even an aura or a healing touch to the soul for overcoming the hurdle?

Psychic Hands helped me familiarize with myself as they accessed myself remotely and there by address my concerns relating to my family, life, society, career, health, wealth and more importantly how to live life like a King.

My each readings and life coaching session with Naz/Poonam helped me gain positive energy and they helped me prepare for a bright future which I never thought of.

Dear Naz and Poonam at Psychic Hands, thank you for being my guide / mentor and there-by helping me find faith from the universe.

– Chandrashekar

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the recent reading you’ve done for me. Just like the first reading you did I was left with a sense of comfort & reassurance. I have to say the first time around I really wasn’t sure what to expect therefore your calm approach & explanations really put me at ease.

Also being new to me, I was surprised with the level of comfort I find when attending your meditation circle. Although still positive, I find myself feeling a happy sense of calm – always a lovely feeling! Thank you Naz. Best wishes.

– Nina

I went to see NAZ nearly six years ago and was instantly impressed as to how much she was able to help me as she picked up so much about my personal life and the important issues I needed help with. NAZ isn’t just a psychic but a therapist as she provides guidance and solutions and continues to give positive advice to help us on our journey in life.

Her meditations are also so inspiring and are so fulfilling that we are filled with positivity and hope for the whole week until the next meditation. I refer to her meditations as ‘medication’ as they are a remedy as any issues or worries are dealt with.

– Anonymous

The team at Psychic Hands have helped me immensely overcome the hurdles in my life. I came in touch with Naz six years ago where I was going through a very difficult time. Since my reading with Naz everything from my career, love life & happiness has changed for the best. It’s good to know what choices you will have coming your way & the effects of them if you choose to take that path. I have also had interaction with Poonam from the team whose vibrant & positive energy has had a great impact on my day to day life. There is almost a feeling from the team that I have known them all my life, an old friend, a glove that fits and above all a spiritual guide and teacher to whom I can speak with in confidence and appreciate the vast ocean of knowledge and wisdom that they possess. From the workshops to the one on one reading & so much more… The journey for me has just begun.

– V. Sharma


I found the workshops very informative & beautifully presented. Naz’s knowledge of each subject matter is fantastic. I’ve attended 2 day workshops & on both occasions I left feeling educated & ready to use what I had learnt into action. Sima G


I’ve had tarot & other readings in the past which were good. Through recommendation I went see Naz.
From the minute the reading started, I was shocked & blown away at the amount of detail & information. I would highly recommend Naz as I found her very professional & accurate. Sima G


I’ve been going to Naz for meditation for over a year now. I didn’t know what to expect, therefore I was feeling a little anxious on the first session.

Never having been for meditation anywhere, I was pleasantly surprised at the fantastic experience. I left feeling the session positive & over the next few sessions, I found myself becoming stronger & confident as I started to believe in myself again.

I always look forward to meditation all week as it recharges me & sets me up for the day & the week leading up to the next session. Thank you Naz.

– Sima G

Naz is a truly gifted psychic who is very accurate, helpful and knowledgeable. I have seen her for many readings over 10 years and these have immensely helped me to receive comfort, guidance and support. I have highly recommended Naz to many of my family and friends, and have no hesitation in saying she is the most gifted medium I have come across in 15 years.

– Pritesh

Naz is a wonderful caring soul who has the ability to hold and nurture people on their life’s journey through her meditations and workshops to achieve joy peace and life balance . She has deep wisdom and is connected to the higher realms with her psychic insight.

– S. Amin